Monday, 16 July 2012

Welcome! ♥

This is just a  quick post to welcome all you readers to the blog!

I have set up plenty blogs before this one, but never really got into it enough to make it a serious thing. I've recently just finished my A Levels, and am about to head off to university in a few months. However, this leaves me with a huge amount of time to kill in between and i thought a beauty blog would be perfect to keep me occupied!
I'd just like to say off the bat, I'm doing this for fun, to keep me occupied, and to have somewhat of a project to work on throughout the summer. This is in no way meant to be anything serious, so let the fun begin! If anyone does actually happen to stumble across this blog, feel free to follow, and to request any posts either personal or beauty related. I'm probably going to focus mainly on beauty posts as it's what I'm mainly interested in. I have a heap of products and things that I'm going to review and be talking about so if you have any particular requests, let me know!

Thanks for reading, and i hope you stick around ;)

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